Forms of Treatment


This involves the insertion of ultra fine sterile needles into a variety of points on the body specifically selected by the practitioner. The needles are single use only and are very safe. The needles are used to balance the energy in the various channels of the body. 


Moxibustion is used to warm and activate Qi within the body. It can be a very relaxing treatment and is often used alongside acupuncture. Artemisi Vulgaris is the herb that is used and is said to have many medicinal properties.


Cupping is an ancient treatment technique. It succesfully alleviates pain, and is very good at strengthening the body's energy. A vacuum is created in the glass cup by lighting a flame and the cups are then placed on the body.

The above are just a few of the techniques employed within Traditional Chinese Medicine. I also can use Tuina Massage, Electro-acupuncture, Gua Sha (scraping), amongst others.

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